Lesser known treatments not to be overlooked – Part 1

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There are few who would turn down a day at the spa. From massages and facials to manicures and skin treatments, spending time at a spa is a wonderfully relaxing experience and a chance to truly take care of oneself. But what about the lesser known spa treatments? Treatments and therapies that have been practiced for centuries yet get overlooked nowadays, either because we don’t quite trust the process or the sound of it freaks us out a little. Well, we’ve decided to give you a list of 4 treatments that you absolutely should not overlook! From ear candling to dry brushing, these therapies will not only help you relax and unwind, they offer real health benefits to keep you healthy and energised.

Ear Candling 

Also referred to as ear-coning (because the candles used are cone-shaped), ear candling was used by the ancient Chinese, ancient Egyptians and Native Americans as a practice of good hygiene. When done well, an ear candling session will not only detoxify your lymphatic system, it can also help to clear sinuses and improve your sense of hearing, sight, smell and taste. But it doesn’t just involve whacking a candle in your ear and lighting it up! When performed by a trained practitioner, an ear candling session will actually start with a pressure point massage of the lymphatic system to assist in moving built-up toxins and debris from inside your ear canals towards your ear. The hollow candle is then placed in your ear with a special plastic tip and lit. The heat burns the oxygen, creating a natural vacuum that sucks the wax up through the cone. At the end of the treatment, you can ask your therapist to show you the inside of the candle and wait to be impressed (or disgusted) by the results!


Dry brushing

Too often we think of our skin as important for just cosmetic reasons. As the largest organ of the body, taking care of our skin is actually vital for good health, and one of the easiest ways to maintain skin health is by practicing regular dry brushing. Another ancient spa treatment that is often overlooked, dry brushing has a myriad of benefits. While the most obvious benefit is sweeping away dead skin cells (which also happens to help eliminate pesky ingrown hairs), the brushing itself brings blood to the skin’s surface, encouraging cell renewal and keeping skin fresh & healthy.  The simple act, which can easily become a daily ritual, has a series of knock-on effects which improve appearance and mood, including detoxification of the lymphatic system. Because lymph nodes, ducts & vessels (aka the body’s natural detox system) run just below the skin, dry brushing encourages lymph towards the heart where it is naturally expelled, providing a natural energy boost and improving overall health. On top of all these health benefits, it’s also worth giving dry brushing a try simply because – much like a massage – it leaves you feeling relaxed and recharged!