Perfect For


This is where couples find an idyllic retreat from the world—a sanctuary designed to renew the spirit and strengthen bonds. Immerse yourselves in a haven where tranquility meets luxury, offering the perfect backdrop to unwind and rediscover each other.


Celebrate life's milestones amidst the lush tropics—whether it’s toasting to another year, marking the joy of an engagement, or commemorating an anniversary. At Tempat Santai Bali (book up to 10 guests), every celebration is transformed into an unforgettable tapestry of memories.

Small Groups

Gather your inner circle for an exclusive getaway, where the villa becomes your private realm. Accommodating up to 10 guests within its five sumptuous bedrooms, it’s the ultimate escape for small groups seeking elegance and privacy. Book all 4 villas and let the magic of Ubud envelop you and your friends or family in its warm, inviting embrace. (Max 10 pax 5 bedrooms)

Wellness Seekers

Ubud is the ideal sanctuary for a voyage of self-discovery and revitalization. Find your peace within the villa's serene surroundings, a prime setting for a journey of transformation. Ubud offers a wealth of wellness options, from soothing spas to restorative yoga retreats, complemented by a variety of healthy dining choices to realign your wellbeing.