At Leaf Juice we believe in goodness, do no harm, taking care of ourselves and others, as well as the planet and it’s lovely creatures.

This philosophy is reflecting throughout each of our products. We source the best ingredients we can, use as few chemicals as possible, sell it to you at an affordable price and make sure the planet doesn’t suffer.

Vegan, zero-waste and handmade, for your home spa and even as private labelling.

  In the beginning it was so difficult to find good and safe natural products to use in our spa and I wanted the same products for our guests as I would want for myself. – Jasmine

“Local sourcing was heavy with chemicals, therefore not an option. 3 years later I guess we got a bit carried away, we are now the first and only Grade A Laboratory on Batam Island in Indonesia and currently # 7 in Indonesia. We feel the extra love and attention we put in our products has paid off, our customers keep coming back for more. With over 175 handmade products, our aim is to continue the zero waste movement and offer more eco-friendly solutions in the future.”

Jasmine Borschberg
Founder of Tempat Senang and Leaf Juice

About Leaf Juice

Since 2019 we have stores in Bali, Ubud and at the Tempat Senang Resort in Batam

We hire local staff to make the products in small batches so they are always fresh.

Feedback from our customers is key to us. Ask for an exclusive tour if you visit Tempat Senang.

Non of our products will ever be tested on animals and we give you vegan and halal choices.

We sincerely hope to create a more beautiful and happy you.