Skincare FAQ Episode: Biocellulose

Episode details provided by Jasmine Borschberg, Founder Tempat Senang Laboratories

Are you a firm believer in the importance of skincare? Are you constantly searching for better ways to look after your skin? At Tempat Senang Boutique Hotel & Spa we believe that the secret to our health and well-being lies with Mother Nature, and we’re constantly on the lookout for better natural remedies to take better care of our bodies.  This has led Tempat Senang Laboratories research the benefits of bio-cellulose and how it has radically improved the skincare game. We now choose to develop bio-cellulose masks in our Tempat Senang Laboratory so that we are able to deliver its benefits to our customers.

If you haven’t a clue what bio-cellulose is or why everyone keeps going on about it, this article will give you an introduction to what bio-cellulose is and why it is good for your skin.

Bio-cellulose is the by-product of a special bacteria that feeds on coconut water and excretes cellulose – you can think of it as organic “poop” from this bacteria! Originally developed for use in biomedical fields, bio-cellulose is used as artificial skin to soothe burns, in dressings to treat wounds, and also in other surgical disciplines (e.g. microsurgery, reconstructive surgery).

Now one of the most advanced technologies used in facial masks today, bio-cellulose is an all-natural, highly absorbent material that is perfect for delivering wholesome serums directly to your skin. With its unique fibre properties, bio-cellulose masks are able to distribute higher levels of moisture to more areas of your skin at deeper levels of penetration.  It is also known to be very gentle making it suitable for use on sensitive skin.

  1. It is all natural & toxin free: A by-product of organic processes, bio-cellulose is a natural and organic product. In addition, bio-cellulose is toxin-free, compared to many paper facial masks on the market that are treated with chemicals.
  2. It is highly absorbent: Bio-cellulose fibres can retain up to 100 times its dry weight in fluid, meaning it has the ability to hold and deliver higher amounts of moisture and nourishing ingredients to your skin.
  3. It clings to your skin: The one time where being clingy is a benefit! Bio-cellulose masks cling to the curves of your face, making sure that it delivers all the nourishing properties to every inch of your skin with deeper penetration.
  4. It is environmentally friendly: Bio-cellulose is 100% compostable, making it more environmentally-friendly than other commercially manufactured sheet masks.
  5. It is durable: Bio-cellulose fibres are tightly woven and durable so you can rest assured that your bio-cellulose face masks will not rip or tear.