Skincare FAQ Episode: We all love perfume, don’t we?

Episode details provided by Jasmine Borschberg, Founder Tempat Senang Laboratories


The most annoying thing about “Perfumes” being listed as an ingredient is that it’s a proprietary formula. In other words, it’s a secret protected by copyright.

This means we don’t get to know what the ingredients are in the toxic soup, generically named “perfume” which can take over a thousand chemical compounds to create a single fragrance.

We are exposed from morning until night to these fragrances which create common side effects for people ranging from chronic headaches to brain fog.

The shampoo, body wash, deodorant, hair gel, floor cleaner, laundry soap, car freshener, incense sticks and even the bedding we sleep in are all drenched in fragrances that are all loaded with toxic chemicals that we don’t get to put a name to.